• Protects clients flooring from splashing
• Quick install and removal
• Less time cleaning up means more jobs per day
The PumpOut Shield ™ protects against discharge water splashing and damaging walls and floors. It is designed for any truck mounted or portable pump-out system. It fits virtually any toilet. No more worrying about discharge hoses causing damage. Simply lift the toilet seat, place on the bowl, pull the bungee cord around back of seat base and place hook into eyelet. Connect your 3/4” pump-out hose (garden hose type) and you are ready to safely discharge your waste water. Make a great impression on your customers. One year guaranty. Net weight 3.5 lbs.

PumpOut Shield™

(fully patented)
PumpOut Shield
Easy Install
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Clear shield for demo only. All shields sold are black.

PumpOut Shield

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